HN Group Limited has been committed to the society in its dedication in construction and technology. Over the years, the group has co-operated with companies renowned for achievements in green construction from Macao, Portugal, France and Japan, introducing advanced technologies and management schemes for the infrastructure development in Macao.


The Professional team of the Group is formed with members from Macao, Hong Kong and overseas that all of them have rich and solid experience in implementing large scale projects. The team endeavours to introduce special equipment as well as to apply latest technology and project management skills in providing turn-key, design-and-build solutions to clients.


The Group has participated in the creation of Macao’s first solid waste incineration plant and two of the waste water treatment facilities. The introduction of the technology in conversion of heat energy from incineration to electricity for the power supply network and the water treatment techniques meeting European Union Standards gained Macao the role model status among its Asian neighbours. The Group also served as the major supplier and installer of local sports facilities, participating in the construction projects of Macao Stadium and Pavilion, Macao Olympic Aquatic Centre, Macao East Asia Games Dome.