Farmácia Popular

Grupo Popular of the HN Group Limited is the only private integrated provider of health care products and services in Macao. The Group operates a network of pharmacies, medical centres, beauty and wellness centres and a medical product distribution company Firma Popular. It is highly reputed for its leading role in the pharmaceutical and personal care products distribution market of Macao.



The Farmácia Popular at 16 Largo do Senado started its service in 1895 (Qing Dynasty, 21st Year of Guangxu Emperor’s reign).Not only is it the oldest western pharmacy in Macao, but it was the first pharmacy to provide consultation by pharmacists from Portugal. Adherence to service quality and reform in management, with professional pharmacists readily providing free advices according to individual customer’s status, and answers to doubts on medicines, health food, as well as free health consultation to enquiries of all sorts, the Group has gained wide recognition for its conscientious provision of medical products.


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